Available Now The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans

Join Ellie and her friends on an adventure to collect a million cans. Along the way, they learn that all metal can be recycled, and they soon discover that teamwork and the willingness to share and adapt can help them achieve their goals.

This is the perfect book for your child to learn about recycling, math, community, financial literacy, perseverance, sharing, teamwork, and donating.

At Scrap University Kids, our goal is to eliminate metal from the landfill within the next 30 years through education. We want to teach kids that their everyday actions make a lasting impact on the environment. Choosing to use reusable or recyclable materials is one way we can make a difference. All metal can be recycled, so if you can choose, please choose metal.

Together, we can help protect our amazing ocean planet and even improve it for the next generation.

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