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Mi Moana Podcast


This week I have the pleasure to interview Scuba Jess, who not only is participating in a huge project to remove 500,000 tires from Puget Sound near Seattle, WA, but also wrote a book about a girl recycling 1 million cans!

Listen to 2 scuba divers chat about cleaning up the ocean, recycling and how people can help our amazing sea creatures. Please Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! 

Sue Atkins Podcast

Looking for brilliant way to talk to your kids about recycling?

Listen to Sue Atinks a BBC radio and Disney family parenting expert chat with the Scrap U Kids team on why they started this company and why they chose to write a kids book about metal recycling. 

Fungi Media Podcast

Have you heard about “The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans”? It’s not just a feel-good book for kids, it’s a genius approach to content marketing for manufacturers.

Matt Cornelison is talking to Jessica Alexanderson about how her scuba adventures spotting scrap metal garbage in the ocean inspired her to join forces with a scrap metal company to promote recycling.