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Save our Oceans

Images from the Salish Sea

Green Surf Anemones

Bay Pipefish

pink wedding cake aka sea worm

top snails

Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker

top snail, brittle stars and anemones


tiny red octopus


Happy Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker

Gunnels aka gummy bears

mosshead warbonnet

hooded nudibranch

fish eating anemone

stalked jellyfish

candy striped shrimp

A few photos from some of our clean up dives at Redondo Beach, WA

Water temp 45′ F

Max Depth 80 Feet

Please say no to plastic and reduce, reuse & recycle as much as you can!

Let’s save our oceans!

I found ariel in the ocean!

lots of plastic!

more shoes

cleaning up with freinds is always fun!

fake teeth, floss picks and combs

We find a lot of shoes and golf balls!

So many spoons, forks and cans!

Please say no to plastic

ocean treasure

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