Scuba Jess

Hi, I’m Jessica Alexanderson —also known as Scuba Jess.  I’m an avid Scuba Diver and underwater photographer in Seattle, WA. I love to raise awareness of what I’m seeing in the beautiful Salish Sea from the adorable Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker and Giant Pacific Octopus to the trash 800,000 tires that are harming our oceans.

I started scuba diving in 2014 and now have over 1,400 dives. I love to do clean up dives and show people what we find.  Let’s save our oceans! Please REDUCE,  Reuse and remember that ALL Metal can be recycled at your local scrapyard! Live long and prosper!

Discover the Alien World Underwater with Scuba Jess

When Scuba Jess moves to Seattle and discovers a passion for the mysterious underwater world, she sets out to explore it, facing danger and unexpected challenges along the way in her quest to become a ‘trekkie’ of the sea.

I feel like scuba diving was the passion that I was missing in my life or my purpose. – Scuba Jess