A Recycling Adventure to the Scrapyard!

Ellie and her friends discover a problem in their neighborhood: metal is being thrown in the garbage instead of being recycled! They decide to help by taking their wagons around the neighboorhood and collecting household items to be recycled. Featuring whimsical characters like Mr. Ferrous Magglio the talking magnet, this book presents the science behind metal recycling in a fun, kid-friendly way. Young readers will enjoy the adventure to the scrapyard and will learn how they can help recycle metal too.

By: Shaziya M. Jaffer, Brad W. Rudover, and Jessica Alexanderson
Illustrated by: Adam Trask

We 💖 Our Readers and Recyclers! ♻️🥫🦄📚👷‍♂️🏗️🧲

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