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"Imaginative and informative children’s book about how to help the environment!

I really enjoyed this children’s book about how to help the environment by recycling metal. I think this would make a great read for any child and their classroom. I plan to give one to every kiddo and teacher in my life this holiday season. Helping our environment really starts when we’re young and if I can influence some youth to take more care it’s the least I can do for Mother Earth. Also, love the Pearl Jam references! “
🎶🎸🤘 – Carol

Save the world, 1 can at a time!

We live in the desert and sadly see garbage all over the trails, oftentimes they’re old aluminum cans. Since reading this book, my 2 kids have been excited to ‘look for the cans’ on their outdoor adventures, and we pick them up to recycle when we get home. This book had some invaluable info written in a way that a 3 and 5 year old could understand. The colorful pictures kept their attention, and helped them better understand the importance of recycling. They are excited to cash in their ‘can treasures’ and save some money for new toys. They also eagerly look for the ‘recycle’ logo on all our trash so that we can better dispose of our trash. Great read, cute and fun!

Unicorns and recycling? Brilliant!

“We loved this fun, informative kids book. We homeschool and what better way to teach kids about real-life situations than with Unicorn?!  ♻️🦄 Great job!”

– K Stone


My son, age 4 and I have read the book together a few times. 
He really enjoys the fun adventure story and how the team of kids work together to collect metal cans to buy a unicorn.
I was amazed to see how quickly he learned and picked up on the message that Recycling starts at home in a fun and easy way. He couldn’t wait to collect metal cans at home.
Now when we are finished with a container, he asks me
“what bin does this go in”- bingo!!
Did I mention he is four years old…
My son asked to take the book to school to share with his Kindergarten classmates and ask his teacher to read it to the class!
– Rachel ♻️♻️♻️ (Owens mom)

Great book for teaching kids about the importance of protecting the environment

“My 3 year old daughter is always engaged when I read to her this book at bedtime. I believe it will help instill values in her for understanding how her actions can affect the environment and how she can make steps to help.”
– Kosta Koeman 💚🌍♻️

An uplifting message for kids and adults!

“SPOILERS! First off, my six-year-old daughter’s review: “I love all the colors, and that the girl kept going after she didn’t get a unicorn and her friends helped her and they all got to swim and play together at the end.”

That is enough for me to give it 5 stars. BUT…I was ALSO thrilled with this book! The messages that it sends are numerous and wonderful – help the environment, don’t give up on yourself, it’s okay to ask for help, if you find that you can’t achieve a certain goal (finding an actual unicorn, for example), it’s OKAY to reprioritize and reach for another goal, one person, even a kid, can do amazing things, share your burdens AND your rewards – are all interwoven into a fun and fulfilling story that I think children will truly appreciate and enjoy. In addition, the use of color throughout the book is great, as it snatches a child’s attention and keeps them IN the story.

This book is definitely worth checking out!”
– J. Minor